The Skills Hub provides full-time education for children as an interim arrangement while appropriate substantive placements are being secured or a child is deemed ready to return to their mainstream school (ideally, an interim placement should be expected to last for no more than 12 weeks with a review after 6 weeks; the review, however, may result in an extension to the interim period with further reviews as necessary).

Referrals may be made for:

  1. Children who have been permanently excluded from mainstream schools
  2. Children who are at serious risk of being permanently excluded from mainstream schools
  3. Children with a troubled educational history who have recently arrived in Hillingdon Borough and who cannot be placed immediately in a school
  4. Children with SEN where a school placement is under review or consultation or where an assessment is required to confirm suitable provision.
  5. Children with a medical diagnosis and prognosis in which they are unable to attend school.
  6. Children new to the Hillingdon Borough who are without a school place within two weeks. This is an exceptional arrangement with Hillingdon Local Authority.

To read the full admissions procedure, please click on the link below:

Admissions Procedure