Behaviour Support Team

The Behaviour Support Team (BST) offers support and guidance on behaviour management to schools and other LA Services.

The Team provides a holistic approach to responding to challenging behaviour and aims to help those working with young people to understand the presenting difficulties and to plan and respond appropriately.

Schools can buy into the service through a Service Level Agreement (SLA). The SLA runs for the financial year and is available to primary and secondary schools. Primary schools buy the service based on the size of the school and secondary schools buy in hours of work to be delivered as and when agreed by the school.

Primary schools’ point of contact is by calling the team and discussing the request either for training, a planning meeting (PSP) or an individual referral.

Training can be delivered either on a training day or during an INSET day. Training is bespoke and planned with the school. Training also may be offered in conjunction with an individual referral in order to upskill groups of staff or whole school.

Pastoral Support Plan – set up meetings are for young people when there has been a sudden deterioration in behaviour or there is a risk of fixed term exclusion. The BST will help with setting up the plan and be a part of monitoring the agreed targets.

Individual referrals can be made after an initial discussion and background information has been gathered through the helpline call. An IEP will be required as part of the referral process. The response to the referral will be a school visit from the BST. The member of the team will observe the young person and gather information from those who work most closely with the child. A report including recommendations to move the young person forward will be provided for the school and in most cases the parent or carer, where appropriate, is also included in sharing the strategies that have been suggested.

Secondary schools are offered the opportunity to buy in a number of hours that will be delivered over the year. The time can be used in any way that the school requires in support of responding to challenging behaviour.

Most schools use the time for 1-1 mentoring for young people who are causing concern. A referral form is required and additional information regarding the circumstances around the difficulties being presented. The duration of the mentoring will depend on the individual’s need.

Supporting school staff in planning for young people is part of the role of the BST.

PSP set up meetings are provided particularly for young people who may be requesting a managed move or an alternative school placement. The BST can advise on targets and assist in monitoring the young person.

Training can also be requested and delivered whenever is convenient to the school. Additional BST involvement includes advising Head teachers and staff when there is a crisis in school or any issues around potential exclusions. A member of the team sits on the Fair Access Inclusion panel and the Managed Move panel.