Reintegration Station

The emphasis of the programme is to provide academic and therapeutic support for pupils undergoing transition following a permanent exclusion.

At the beginning of the programme pupils complete academic, cognitive and behaviour assessments in order to ascertain their baselines and decide on the best way forward. It may be decided that the pupils needs more formal assessment via an Educational Psychologist.

A holistic and systematic approach is used to engage not only the pupil but also their families and other stakeholders. As well as following an academic programme, students receive psychological therapy, attend parent and child sessions and receive mentoring.

‘Key Performance Indicators’ measure outcomes of the programme and help to create behaviour plans and strategies. Pupils can attend the programme for a maximum of 12 weeks after which it will be decided whether or not they are suitable for reintegration into a mainstream school with the support of our Reintegration Officer or better suited for a development programme within the main Centre.